Chelsea Bennett



Who hasn't heard that you're special and unique as your own person? No one that I know! That statement doesn't make me feel any better; it makes me feel like there might actually be something wrong with me. I want YOU to know that you rock as a person. You are awesome! Yes, I'm talking to you! Those people who shoot you down are just haters. They don't know the real you that could make a person laugh, smile, or be comfortable around you. There will always be someone who loves (you for the real you), whether you realize it or not.

Self-esteem is your confidence in your own values and abilities as an individual person. Self-esteem is part of your total self-image. Self-image is the opinion that you have of your own worth,  attractiveness, and intelligence. Body image is also part of your self-image. It is how you percieve your own appearance. Your self-esteem can be damaged by others or by criticizing yourself. People who have low self esteem often do have the qualities  they admire. They just don't realize because their self-image is trained that way. When you accept yourself and realize your magnificence in and out,  you can live your life to the fullest.

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